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Artistry, pedigree and experience beyond compare, in true luxury development, from high classical to vivacious contemporary.

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Ankit Love, Artist, Designer & Director

Ankit is graduate and former president of ACS Cobham, the world’s most prestigious international school. He studied film directing at the New York Film academy, and performance design at Central Saint Martins, the world’s number one ranked fashion school. He was ACS soccer team captain, and won the gold medal in Paris, at the ISSTs. Following which, Ankit raced in the British Formula 4 championships, with Silverstone principal’s Mark Armstrong Motorsport team.

Prior to Zeus Global, Ankit was founding editor-in-chief of fashion and science Mist magazine, social media consultant to Azerbaijani couture label Gyunel, and brand consultant to South African fine jewellery designer Ambra.

In recognition of his humanitarian efforts as President of Namibia Cobham World Challenge Charity Group, Ankit was awarded the ACS International Peace Prize, ECIS Award for international understanding and the Princess Diana Award by the British chancellor.

After living in Knightsbridge, Hollywood, Cannes and Milan, Ankit has a vision to create the most evoking, and enchanting ultra-luxury developments worldwide.

Ankit Love website: http://ankitlove.com

Chris Berglund, Ultra-Luxury Development Consultant

Details coming soon.

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Mala Jay, Interior Designer and International Law Consultant

Mala has designed palatial abodes around the world, and with a passion in ancient Indian art, moorish style, Palladian and Scottish castles. She has over three decades of configuring ideal layouts and floorpans for stalely residences in Mayfair, Sintra, Chiltern Hills, Surrey, and New Delhi. She has handled the most challenging and sensitive of restorations, and facade preservations. Mala is a life member of the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty in Great Britain.

Mala holds a degree in Psychology, Philosophy and English from Meerut University. After completing a law degree from Delhi University, she joined the Supreme Court of India as an advocate barrister, specialising in civil liberties cases. She remains undefeated, after winning over 150 cases in court. Mala specialises in resolving and negotiating high profile disputes, and family cases out of court, and has done so for C.E.Os, armed forces commanders and government leaders internationally. She has over 35 years experience, in international law, and real estate development across Asia, Europe and America.

Her previous contracts and projects include the British High Commission of India, the South Korean Embassy, and Brunei’s sovereign investment fund in Mayfair. Mala has been the consultant of choice to K.P. Singh, Honorary Consul General of Monaco in Delhi, and chairman of DLF Ltd. India’s largest private real estate development company.

Mala is a regular contributor for several newspapers including Rashtradoot, and the National Herald, created by India’s first prime minister.

Cláudio Wanderley, Architectural Consultant

Cláudio is an international star architect, renowned for leading the 1979 redevelopment of Paris’s most famous street and intersection, Champs-Élysées and Arc de Triomphe. He is the architect of choice, for designing palatial abodes across Portugal, Brazil, and Angola.

Cláudio studied architecture at Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts Paris, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and Universidade de Brasília.